Sunday, February 21, 2010

Anniversary Messages For Boyfriend Cute Text Messages For Boyfriend - ASAP?

Cute text messages for boyfriend - ASAP? - anniversary messages for boyfriend

I wish my friend with a nice pair of text messages Surprise

1) is in the class and would only give a little surprise:)

2) It is closer to our anniversary, and I do the same thing

No advice will help, thank you!


nj said...

Birthday charge per minute or second, that the two are together.

For example, if your 8 months, then multiply 8 times 30 (days per month), then the result with 24 () hours per day, then the result is 60 (minutes in an hour) and thus result.

Then they tell their calculations on the duration of your state for you two!
: D

Yannon said...


1.) Like a jigsaw puzzle, close to me
~ ~ And I never let go
~ ~ Because I love you so very
~ ~ And I want you to know!
love you xx

2.) Another year over
~ ~ One year is through
~ ~ But this year was the best
~ ~ As I spent this year with you!
Twenty years of happiness

Hope it helps!

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